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Most Indian women are reluctant to visit Gynecologist for routine check-ups and come for consultation only when they have problems. It is mainly because they are shy to discuss their intimate matters and for subjecting themselves for examination. High cost of consultation also is a factor contributing towards this reluctance. Therefore, we provide various check-up packages, all at affordable rates.
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Dr. Keyur ShethDr. Ami Sheth

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Dr. Nikita ShahDr. Vruttika ShahDr. Nikita shah

Medical Officer

Dr. Nikita shah

Sheth Hospital Staff
We run the following:
Adolescent Clinic :
The Adolescents are detailed on physical and psychological maturation and problems encountered there in. We armor them with knowledge to face the wretched world confidently.
Premarital and Preconception Counseling :
  • To the couples and couples to be, regarding contraception, safe period, blood group incompatibility (Rh incompatibility) etc.
  • We also provide counseling in special cases like epileptics and patients on anti psychotic drugs.
Antenatal Clinic :

A woman should consult a gynecologist immediately after a missed menstrual period to confirm pregnancy and to decide whether she should continue the pregnancy or go for termination.

During a pregnancy, a woman should make about 8-10 visits to the obstetrician gynecologist. Early and frequent check-ups help to take necessary preventive and corrective measures to sail through pregnancy smoothly and to have a safe delivery, resulting in a healthy mother and baby.
We provide the necessary investigations, health education classes, and treatment modalities to achieve the above-mentioned goal.
Intrapartum Care :
We provide adequate care during delivery with prompt monitoring of the pregnant mother and the foetus. We have all facilities for emergency caesarean section an as and when needed.
Neonatal Care :
we have all facilities for care of the new born, radiant warmer phototherapy units.
Postnatal Clinic :
We give adequate healthcare education regarding contraceptive and dietary necessity.
Immunization Clinic :
The babies are provided with necessary immunizations.