Womanhood, many times during different walks of their lives, may come up with distinct types of physical irregularities (with known or unknown etiology). These problems may be in variable sizes person to person. An encountering time for their problems may also vary, which may include having them from their adolescent (adult) age period to an elderly time.
With us having an extensive experience in dealing with many female problems, Sheth Hospital now feels confident enough in providing the treatments with various options to its patients. Our highly skilled medical staffs and the latest clinical infrastructure are our pure strengths.
We have dealt with catering to number of patients with specialized treatments, therapeutic facilities within our preeminent center of woman’s healthcare. The majority of woman visiting at our clinic ranges in a variety of treatments, which may relate to their puberty, pre-marriage, preconception, pregnancy disorders along with the delivery and baby care related issues. Our treatments cover almost every type of maternity and gynecological treatments along with necessary surgical procedures as well.
Starting from adolescence, in young girls
  • Counseling regarding secondary sex characters, sex awareness & education
  • Rubella vaccine awareness
  • Cervical cancer vaccine awareness and inoculation (immunization)
  • Supplements like vitamin, iron and calcium
  • Regularizing periods, duration, interval amounts
  • Hormonal assays such as thyroid, diabetes etc.
Pre-Marriage / Marriage
  • Menstrual adjustments
  • Early contraceptive methods, which are safe and do not hinder fertility
  • Supplements like folic acids
  • Husband counseling
  • Assessment of safe Rubella Status, Thalassemia, Screen, Haemoglobin, Thyroid and other Chronic Problems Statuses
  • Counseling for folic acid/mineral supplements
  • Fertile period counseling
  • Routine checkups
Pregnancy Stages
Early Pregnancy – Confirmation by urine tests etc.
  • Assessment of growth and other necessary lookout
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Diet advice
  • Activity guidance, especially for working women
Mid Pregnancy
  • Advice regarding calcium supplements
  • Assessment of fineness of the baby by serial sonographies, echocardiography of the fetus (with the 4D scan sonologists)
  • Yoga, physiotherapy classes
  • Medical / Cardiorespiratory assessment of the baby
  • Diet / Positive thinking classes
Late Pregnancy
  • Mental preparation for normal delivery
  • Doppler sonographies (with the sonologist) to monitor baby’s condition – vis a vis blood flow, weight, fluid surrounding the baby
Delivery Method
  • Normal delivery
  • Normal delivery with an episiotomy
  • Normal delivery with an option of painless method (epidural analgesia)
  • Forceps delivery
  • Cesarean section
Gynecology Operations
  • D and E (dilatation of cervix and cleaning of uterus) for early pregnancies,not growing well (we do not do abortions in normally growing pregnancies)
  • Laparoscopic or conventional surgeries for ectopic pregnancies
  • Family planning surgeries – a permanent method of preventing pregnancies
  • Ovarian cyst surgeries
  • Copper T (IUCD-Intrauterine Contraceptive Device) insertions to prevent pregnancies for a stipulated period
  • Hysteroscopy-guided intrauterine procedures like septum resection, intrauterine polyp removal
  • Fibroid removal surgeries
  • Laparoscopic endometriotic surgeries / chocolate cystectomy
  • Uterine removal surgeries
  • Vaginally (stitch-less) or abdominally or laparoscopically – according to stringent patient selection
Menopausal Procedures
  • Pap’s Smear even….
    • Before Menopause after 40 years in all women
    • Before 40 years in select people
  • Mammography
  • Endometrial biopsies in suspicious cases of uterine skin hyperplasia or cancers
Baby Care
  • Qualified, experienced neonatologists examine all newly born babies (at our clinic) within a few moments of birth
  • Warmers, oxygen units, caring nurses and other medical staff (caretaker), who teach proper feeding methods