Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy Planning
Preconceptional Counseling

It is defined as a ‘set of interventions that aims to identify & modify biomedical behavioral & social risks to a woman’s health or pregnancy outcome through prevention & management’.

Objective is to ensure that a woman enters pregnancy with an optimal state of health, which would be safe to herself & her foetus.
Preconceptional Visit, Risk Assessment & Education
  • Identification of high risk factors by history, physical examination including BP & laboratory tests
  • Rubella & Hepatitis immunization in non-immune woman
  • Folic acid supplementation(4mg/d) for 4 weeks to decrease incidence of neural tube defects
  • Problems of underweight, overweight, anemia; abnormal Pap test are evaluated for treatment
  • Pre-existing chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy) are stabilized before intervention
  • Drugs should be changed to avoid any adverse effects on foetus.
  • Couples with recurrent pregnancy loss or family history of congenital disease should undergo genetic testing
  • Counseled for fear of pregnancy