Cosmetics And Looks

“Looking Good” – An Integral Part of Every Woman’s Life

Young Age/Adolescence
Acne/Pimples: They are caused because of pore blockage due to hormonal changes with increased oiliness of skin
  1. Regular cleansing of skin, avoiding junk food, improving digestion, stress relief by –Yoga
  2. Sometimes, pimple cream for application and oral antibiotics may become necessary
  3. Excessive weight gain in some girls could be due to hormonal imbalance and ovarian problems
  4. This requires an adequate workup and necessary treatments
Pregnancy / Childbearing
A major assault on the body structure – this essential phenomenon in young, reproductive age can cause lot of de-shaping changes in the body. They can be countered by yoga, exercises and high fibre, high protein nutritious food with supplements. Stretch marks can be prevented in intensity by creams having vitamin C, Allantoin and Indian herbs.
In middle and later age, more than disfigurement, osteoporosis, wrinkling, cardiorespiratory and functional problems are more likely to be taken care of.
The need to good feminine health is a necessity to positive health of the progeny, partner, family and the nation.
For the same, frequent and un-spaced childbirth should be avoided by an appropriate, scientific method of ‘contraception’ or ‘family planning’.