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Welcome to Sheth Hospital, a state-of-the-art medical facility, which provides the world-best services equipped with the latest equipments. Our team of doctors and staff has an extensive experience in providing the specialized treatments to our patients. Learn More About Us

Patients Testimonials

My experience as a patient with Dr. Keyur Sheth has been great over the past 3 years that I have been going to him. I receive outstanding care and always feel I'm being treated special with great support from the team. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a doctor who is candid, experienced and down to earth.
From RateMDs
I recommend Dr. Keyur Sheth as a highly professional, competent and sincere doctor. He has a very warm, caring personality and made not only patient but the whole family comfortable.
Pooja Shah
Great service provided by Dr. keyur Sheth. A true VIP feeling provided by Sheth Hospital. I must appreciate the hospital staff - they were very supportive and caring. – Thanks
From RateMDs
A twenty years of dedication and hard work has paid of..... Many congrats to both of you to become one of the most successful gynec of abad...
Paryusha Shah
Many congratulations! Sir and mam:) u deserve the celebration. Its a place which has been showering happiness in many peoples lives! Wish you many more years of success ahead. God bless!
Jaya Nath
Congratulations... still remember my visit to see two of my friends children.. One is in 12th and the other in 8th !!
Babul Buch
Congratulations on the great journey!! Much more to achieve by way of giving back to the society. Best wishes Dr. Keyurbhai and Dr. Amiben. Feel proud.
Kumar Shakti Singh
Congratulations! Cheers & Best wishes to the fabulous Doctors -- Dr. Ami & Dr. Keyur & their team----
Rajesh Vasandani
Many many congratulations to sir and mam. We will always be thankful to you for the support and the happiness you gave to us. Many many more years to go
Satyam Akhani
Many congratulations to Dr. Keyur Sheth and Dr. Ami Sheth Amazing doctor couple I have ever seen!!! Wishing you all at the Sheth Hospital, a continued success and bright future!!!
Rani Pratik
Congratulations Ami and Keyur!! All the hard work has led you to this place. I still remember the letter I wrote to you when you guys first started and can't believe it has been 20 yrs since!! May you both continue to provide happiness to others and find contentment in that.
Gargi Mamtora
heartely congratulation to dr. sheth & mr. sndentiyre loving staff of sheth hospital dr. keyurbhai and ami both r very loving so they get there staff members like them god bless u
Mina Bharat Shah
Kudos to the entire Team of Keyur Sheth & Ami Sheth that made this possible.. Thanks for being Awesome & reason for providing many sweet memories,hope,bliss& happiness .
Taran Singh
You are on your way to doing some great things indeed... HEARTLY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO SIR AND MEM AND ENTIRE TEAM...
Bhavini Bavishi
Heartiest congrats to Keyurbhai n Amiben , wishing u both many more years of successful practice n happiness in Seth Hospital. Stay blessed !!
Maulik Joshi
From begging to end during the pregnancy time, my kid and I were covered with a great care, all along with the latest techniques & caring service coverage; found staff being so attentive and skilled. Regular check-ups, assessment of our growth, diet advice along with post-delivery guidelines have all been very useful. Thanks to Sheth Hospital!
Pooja Agarwal (Pregnancy Care)
With me stepping up now in my adolescent period, I have found myself going through much uncertain physical changes & movements; hormonal changes affect how largely, now I come to know…though they are obvious, I have to look after them before they worsen. Sheth hospital stands beside me, encourages my endurance and supports me throughout all my discomfort….A big appreciation to them!
Jinal Shah
Was very uncomfortable with an ovarian fluid collection; abdominal pain, bloating with many other irregularities were evident. Constipation, fatigue harassed me a lot. Sheth hospital cared these problems with a great skill. Underwent Scan and got an ultimate solution through the Cyst Surgery…now feeling free of problems….got back to my routine, happy life!
Rukhsana Sheikh (Ovarian Cyst Surgery)

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